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What does a freedom fighter look like? What if she looks like a prostitute with a silver tongue and a pistol in her garter?

Set in 1916 Dublin, during Ireland’s war of independence, Dublin Rising is a musical drama that tells the story of three patriotic Irish women — a prostitute, a middle-class wife, and a teenage mother — fighting for their country’s freedom while waging personal battles for liberation on the home front. 


THAT ROCK BAND is an electrifying, multimedia, musical production....a celebration of the biggest and best Classic Rock hits of the 60's & 70's....a nostalgic trip back in time....a concert ticket to the sounds and sights of the greatest festival and stadium rock bands.  Experience the music and images of Rock and Roll's most prolific era through state-of-the-art sound, lights and imagery.  The talented members of THAT ROCK BAND are industry veterans who have performed with Grammy winning artists, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and some of the most iconic artists in Rock history.

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