Ultimate Ronstadt celebrates one of music’s greatest artists and one of Veronica's personal musical heroes. Martell, like Ronstadt, has had an eclectic and fascinating professional music career as a successful recording artist across multiple genres such as pop, country and jazz standards.  

Linda Ronstadt was born into a musical family, and her childhood was filled with everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to Mexican folk music to Jazz and Opera. Her artistic curiosity blossomed early, and she and her siblings began performing their own music for anyone who would listen.


Ronstadt arrived in Los Angeles just as the Folk-Rock movement was beginning to bloom, setting the stage for the development of Country-Rock. A “regular” at the famed Troubadour Club in West Hollywood, she helped define the sound that dominated American popular music in the 1970s. One of her early backup bands, featuring Glenn Frey and Don Henley, went on to become the Eagles, and Linda went on to become the most successful female artist of the decade.

Ultimate Ronstadt is a loving tribute to Ronstadt’s illustrious career, including the history and stories behind many of her beloved songs. This production conveys with honesty, passion and respect, all that is Ronstadt....a voice of invincibility, bravery and emotion.

What does a freedom fighter look like? What if she looks like a prostitute with a silver tongue and a pistol in her garter?

Set in 1916 Dublin, during Ireland’s war of independence, Dublin Rising is a musical drama that tells the story of three patriotic Irish women — a prostitute, a middle-class wife, and a teenage mother — fighting for their country’s freedom while waging personal battles for liberation on the home front. 

Groovin' On Tour is an electrifying, multimedia, musical production....a celebration of the greatest, grooviest Rock and Roll hits of the 1960's ...a nostalgic trip back in time....the soundtrack of the “Flower Power” era of Peace, Love, Protest and of course......Rock and Roll!